I like to take pictures. I have a love of 1960s/70s rock. I play bass and the drums. This is mainly a photography blog but icons and heroes do appear ☮

Archway in Glasgow’s Merchant City

Archway in Glasgow’s Merchant City

Archway in Glasgow’s Merchant City
I LOVE your photos... I'm so jealous.

Thanks, I’m glad you like them! Hey… you need to organize a little trip/holiday to Scotland and I can give you a guided tour of all these creepy places! It would be so fun.. and scary!

My Runaways shirt which I made - see posts below. Someone needs to tell Joan Jett to make her t-shirts cheaper trololol. I mean, I know you’re a rockstar and everything but think of the people, joan.
think of the people

I made a Runaways stencil and sprayed an old tee

Glasgow Cathedral

So I spent the morning around Glasgow Cathedral sketching some of the building. It’s such a nice place. Peaceful away from the main city.
What is your fav song by the Runaways or Joan? :0)

I adore their first album. American nights is one my favourites. Hollywood is probably one of my most played. The harmonising with Jackie Fox on back up vocals is just pure eargasm! I love everything that The Runaways ever did (even Johnny Guitar!). I love Cherie’s vocals probably more than Joan’s, however.

My Bass… and my CBGB book. Reading inspires me.

My Clash converse photographed on top of my tiny amp. I like the colours in this photo

All my Clash singles! Lurrrve them

Glasgow City Chambers, March 2011